Give this puppy a name 🐢❀!
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Via @dodgerandrosie

Give this puppy a name 🐢❀! Follow us  @artistic_unity_ for more!l . Via  @dodgerandrosie

2 month ago

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    4 day ago

    a surgery. some vacations. plenty hours in a gym. the so called β€œdrama”. ill take it all for this moment ahead. that time of the year is here..  @demar_derozan my brother we coming for you!

    23 day ago

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    5 day ago

    I’m ready for you Fall! Caught a rainbow outside with  @danskinapparel ? ?  #danskin

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    Video by  @bertiegregory | Meet the macaroni penguin. These special little penguins have some serious attitude. They are horrible to almost everything (the two exceptions being their mate and their chick). Surprisingly, they don't get their macaroni name from cheesy pasta. Instead, they were named because their yellow crest feathers reminded explorers of fashionable hats worn by 18th century men called 'macaronis'. Shot as part of a new online series for National Geographic. Follow  @bertiegregory for more!  #penguin  #penguins  #wildlife  #Antarctica  #SouthGeorgia  #filmmaking

    3 day ago

    #tbt aquΓ­ con mi flaca ????

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    18 day ago

    #OTD 20 years ago, Coley and Yorkey clicked.  #Treble99

    27 day ago

    Training camp vibezzzzz  #TheProcess

    24 day ago

    We are all Nigerians... Officer, This guy is Unconscious, He can’t drive!?????? We all need a  #BrotherKeeper like this!  @_holyswagger

    13 day ago

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    When u flex too hard to the point yo teeth fall off Tag someone who need to see this! ??(credits:  @holygxd  @youngsamer) - Follow  @GOATWOW  #goatwow

    11 day ago

    β€œWhen the sun goes down ? And the band won’t play.. I’ll always remember us this way”?

    28 day ago

    ciao Milano, grazie mille for the love! on the road again ?β˜”οΈ  @flyprvt #ad

    19 day ago

    No hay sueΓ±o pequeΓ±o cuando la determinaciΓ³n es grande! Amo ser mamΓ‘ y cuidar de los mΓ­os, pero tambiΓ©n amo mi trabajo! ??✨  #saschafitness  #entrepeneur  #venezolana