End of the month 😈👁@khaoticcollective

End of the month 😈👁@khaoticcollective

2 month ago

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    21 day ago

     #Versace ?

    4 day ago

    MYKONOS, GREECE  #mykonos  #greece

    3 day ago

    Everything’s just ?y

    26 day ago

    Excited to be part of the CÎROC X MOSCHINO collaboration. It celebrates experimenting with different styles, cultures and bringing a twist of what makes you, you. Check out my take on  @itsjeremyscott’s world of celebration  @cirocvodka  @moschino  #CÎROCYourWorld ????

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    16 day ago

    Te amo mi vida, eres la mejor para mi, nunca te veré con otros ojos porque en ti he descubierto la pureza de corazón, tú eres linda por dentro y por fuera y eso nada lo cambiara. Se que te he fallado miles de veces y no siempre me comporto de la manera correcta pero yo solo quiero que te grabes esto siempre en tu cabeza “YO TE AMO, NO SOY PERFECTO” El amor no es solo tener momentos buenos, en el amor también existen los problemas, pero cuando el amor es verdadero es tan fuerte que nada ni nadie lo separa. Nuevamente y ahora públicamente te pido perdon por mi errores, por mis fallas ?? Quiero que sepas que si un día tu ya no quieres saber de mí, yo a pesar de eso estaré siempre para ti y te cuidaré con el mismo cariño con el que hoy en día lo hago. JPTLV MI AMOR ✍?

    13 day ago

    ITS THE MONTH OF HALLOWEEN ? ? throwback to last year...(tag your bff)

    7 day ago

    The idea behind going on the road with the Post Traumatic album is to let everyone freely express themselves /// The shows are a place for all of us to come together and celebrate

    28 day ago

    Stoked to tick a new country off the list  #taiwan ??

    9 day ago

    Alavés 1-0 Real Madrid ⚽ 90'+5' Manu García  #RMLiga

    3 day ago

    Thinking about how far I’ve come on my journey of self love and acceptance. To think I let others, particularly men dictate what I looked like, what I wore and how I acted. I love me enough to know that I’m not for everyone and everyone’s isn’t for me and believe me I’m completely OKAY with that. ?✨

    9 day ago

    ?????? . ?:  @darealmediallc

    2 day ago

    Брат мой  @islam__mamedov ты лучший, и сегодня на турнире  @pflmma я очень жду твоей победы, пусть Аллах поможет тебе. Также на турнире выступают наши Братья: Рашид Магомедов, Бозигит Атаев, Максим Гришин, удачи вам пацаны, и самое главное без травм.

    16 day ago

    While some of the florals in the Spring-Summer 2019 collection were discreetly absorbed into tie-dye-effect prints, others graced dresses in an entirely different manner. Relying of the savoir-faire for which our petites mains are famous,  #MariaGraziaChiuri designed an evanescent dress whose embellishment comes in the form of softly-colored appliquéd flowers.  #DiorSavoirFaire

    20 day ago

    Yes.. I got a special visit from  @loganpaul and his CYST! And thank you to my assistant  @chloebennet for helping me squeeze ;) link in bio to full video!  #drpimplepopper  #popaholicsunite  #cystuation

    22 day ago

    We’re doing a signing in Madrid on Wednesday! Come see us? Our concert in Madrid is September 27th, and our concert in Barcelona is September 28th. Really hope to see you there! Link to tickets in bio✌?