What are you doing to do? Comment below👇 Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one.

What are you doing to do? Comment below👇 Don’t expect to see a change if you don’t make one.

1 month ago

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    • @miss_lily_kay27 day ago

      @avigaelle.amar ur on ur way baby

    • @phor_la27 day ago

      Ain't all easy

    • @loisanna6827 day ago

      Moved to Seattle from St Louis....dated the guy that didn't give up on me and also start a new job in 2 weeks...no matter what, I will be ok

    • @subaraghu27 day ago


    • @itskesavan27 day ago

      @subaraghu real life goals

    • @almahadzic_realtor27 day ago


    • @mitchy_thecattledog26 day ago

      @crystaltelford28 ❤️

    • @tutuv_26 day ago

      @babyg1314 it's all worth it!!

    • @cdfatima26 day ago

      Done this!!

    • @tristankenneth26 day ago

      @onebrightblake the motto

    • @carm_l26 day ago

      @crystalemmons omg

    • @kembibasar25 day ago

      Really we should face wat scare us most....!

    • @karen_elizabeth2925 day ago


    • @iamparadisedoll24 day ago

      Love this

    • @markstrauss23 day ago

      @garyvee yes Gary 🔥

    • @ful_da22 day ago

      I was afraid to move to another country 😂 change my entire life , did it 3 months ago 😃🤗 am still happy I did... I'm sure it's going to be a challenge but feel so happy in my heart and soul ❤🙏

    • @2018_mmd22 day ago

      This is just what I needed!!!!

    • @livinginthemomentpg21 day ago

      @lcsambat 👀 the first line

    • @thepriyankuggoswami20 day ago

      But how can I date her

    • @jayniegarcia20 day ago

      @jayshetty I believe in this

    • @mikebritoo20 day ago

      @shanellelisa yes we will!

    • @gabbyangelesa520 day ago

      @jayshetty i moving to Sacramento CA.

    • @gabbyangelesa520 day ago

      Because of this post it made me think a lot. So kow im moving to Sacramento CA getting a transfer from work but going to be looking to getting that dream job!

    • @gabbyangelesa520 day ago


    • @bollywoodzumba2419 day ago

      @fousey  @iisuperwomanii

    • @unorthodoxclothing18 day ago

      @posie4510 its true. What you got to lose

    • @emmaleemarie8318 day ago

      My life right now! 😍😍

    • @ur.mummzie16 day ago

      snort that cocaine

    • @ilsyivonne2415 day ago


    • @justinteo_au13 day ago


    • @audreych.n13 day ago

      @justinteo_au ❤️

    • @emilieheuvelman13 day ago


    • @emilieheuvelman13 day ago


    • @d4rk_energy13 day ago


    • @valereally12 day ago

      @amarch11 PBI all the way lol

    • @amarch1112 day ago

      @valereally do it 😘

    • @pattyrose8011 day ago

      I am a 55 year old single woman who just quit both my jobs, packed my stuff and moved from CA to Nevada. Both of my adult children live in NV as well as my first grandchild. My heart was empty being away from them...but I was in no position to move. My daughter lined up a cute little back house for me to move into temporarily, but it fell thru literally 2 days before I was set to move. I've been staying with my son for 12 days, and now I'm staying with my ex husband's new wifes' sister!! OMG. I'm so misplaced and discombobulated! My health ins ran out July 31st, and I kinda feel myself losing my steam. Uggg. I love listening to you speak, and your words are so motivating and real. Any advice?

    • @aidiafy4 day ago

      I did but it’s not worth

    • @kirth37a3 day ago


    • @diana_edens_19802 day ago

      I wish it was that easy!

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