Weeknights at the ballpark! @astrosbaseball @minutemaid_us #minutemaidpark ⚾️
#houston #baseball #htown #biggio #nolanryan #jerseys #altuve #coolmoms #3generations #mommyandme #mommydaughter #mommydaughtertime #girlswholikesports #baseballchick

Weeknights at the ballpark!  @astrosbaseball  @minutemaid_us  #minutemaidpark ⚾️ • • •  #houston  #baseball  #htown  #biggio  #nolanryan  #jerseys  #altuve  #coolmoms  #3generations  #mommyandme  #mommydaughter  #mommydaughtertime  #girlswholikesports  #baseballchick

Minute Maid Park27 day ago

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1 month ago

Esta foto está llena de recuerdos que nunca olvidaré, como aquel día que me hice 9 pajas una detrás de otra sin parar hasta que me dije a mi mismo detente! ✋hay cosas más importantes y ahí fue cuando aprendí a meterme un dedo en el culo y a oler la realidad de la vida porque La realidad es la manera en la que las cosas son, no la manera en la que te gustaría que fueran!  #CarlosMontesquieu

1 month ago

Quando todo mundo ganha flores no dia dos namorados e você não. ☹️??

2 month ago

Boss Lady?  #TeamDrea

2 month ago

Imma go with Yanny! ?

3 month ago

For those of you who don’t know, my friends and I started  @ThisBar 5 years ago, and we have really exciting news! On April 17th, we’ll be available in over +8000  @Starbucks stores nationwide! ?☕  #WeEatTogether

1 month ago

Blurry and windy, but I hope it’s a goody!  #diaryukikato

3 month ago

Never heard of you but you heard of me ? Styled by  @jordanvashawn Outfit  @allurebyvonkit

1 month ago

Detesto a esta gente!!! ? Eliminan mensajes de Whatsapp y no aclaran por qué ??‍♂️ Etiqueta a esos amigos que te lo hacen siempre

18 day ago

Wow 15 years ago we dropped Chapter II and had another Billboard #1!!! I had the most amazing time making this album, and shooting videos & album packaging in Miami. So much love to everyone who made this possible!!! Everyone was curious to know what we were going to do next after all of the love, success and history made from my debut album Ashanti!! This was a big success for us... Definitely had some classics on here. Super blessed to be performing these songs today and still getting the same reaction!  #TeamAshanti love you guys!

1 month ago


2 month ago

Porque la familia Shore nunca te abandona? Nuevo episodio de  #MTVAcaShore ¡y tu cuerpo lo sabe! este martes a las 10PM MX/CO/AR solo por MTV ?

3 month ago

... سلام از مهر و محبت تک‌تک شما سپاسگزارم بابت تبریک تولدم و احوال‌پرسی‌ها. داشتن یک خانواده‌ی مهربون، اینهمه رفیق بامعرفت در دنیای حقیقی و‌ اینهمه دوست بامحبت در دنیای مجازی برای من سعادت بزرگیه، شکرگزار حضور پر از مهرتون هستم و از ته دل قدرتون رو می‌دونم.??❤️ درباره‌ی عکسی که خواهر جان دل گذاشت بگم که الان خوبم و مرخص شدم. ممنونم از ابراز لطف‌هاتون??❤️ یک مشکل فشار مایع نخاعی بود که به لطف خانم دکتر عباسیون متخصص مغز و اعصاب فعلا حل شد و در ادامه هم با پیگیری بیشتر امیدوارم کاملا بهبود پیدا کنه. دوستتون دارم و سلامت خودتون و همه‌ی کسانی رو که دوست دارید از خداوندگار بزرگ خواستارم. ??❤️ ‘

3 month ago

Yes, Cardi B just announced that she is pregnant, okurr! Congratulations to her and Offset and visit link in bio for a reliable source. (?: NBC)

28 day ago

Let go of all thought that hinders your progress and move towards your purpose... Good morning dears  #morning  #morningmotivation  #blessed?  #blessed?  #sunshine  #smile?  #smile - Have a blessed weekend dears ????

1 month ago

Doggy style

2 month ago

Sounds like...@jumpman23. S/O to  @virgilabloh and  @travisscott.