Captured before the #MetGala, #SelenaGomez in custom Coach by @StuartVevers. #CoachxSelena #CoachNY

Captured before the  #MetGala,  #SelenaGomez in custom Coach by  @StuartVevers.  #CoachxSelena  #CoachNY

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York3 month ago

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    • @malaene13 month ago

      She looks like my mother

    • @nur_zaim13 month ago


    • @strawberry_roses3 month ago

      A Beautiful Angel 👼

    • @azizkhan4u3 month ago

      Like hanging 😄

    • @nermenn_19903 month ago

      لكل من يعاني من الضعف الجنسي وعدم الراحه الزوجية يتواصل معي خاص👏👏👏

    • @sebilberberi3 month ago

      @malaene1 your mom is beautiful then

    • @isthatikbal3 month ago


    • @peakmntfilms3 month ago

      My dream dress  @jonfashions 😭

    • @jonfashions3 month ago

      @peakmntfilms looks complicated but cool!! 😄

    • @valetbdt3 month ago


    • @mor_kiel3 month ago

      The dress make selena look fat

    • @_enediaz3 month ago

      @sherazadefahri Oh! I had no idea. She looks beautiful anyways.

    • @arianna.camille2 month ago

      Wow beautiful!

    • @yulisaa.r2 month ago


    • @krinkit2 month ago

      Amazingly beautiful.  @selenagomez

    • @xmamiderlerxx2 month ago


    • @ha.dva2 month ago

      I LOVE YOU BOTH.  @coach  @selenagomez

    • @soveryserendipity2 month ago

      @linn23333 I could, but then it’s my constitutional right to tell you you’re being a pig

    • @soveryserendipity2 month ago

      @pinkmoonndlemonade Judging somebody you don’t know is sick damaging

    • @soveryserendipity2 month ago

      @baderbourji I certainly would not put her down on social media when she’s not even here to defend herself real friends don’t do that, nor do real fans.

    • @pinkmoonndlemonade2 month ago

      @soveryserendipity it's not the person, it's the message. If you want to follow ridiculous and sick ideas that's on you but don't spread the plague onto young impressionable kids.

    • @soveryserendipity2 month ago

      @desireern03 Then that makes you a hateful person, if you’re a fan why are you even here just to charge and put down a woman? You have a lot of growing to do

    • @soveryserendipity2 month ago

      @danceofdestruction Then that makes you a terrible person if you’re not a fan why are you even here just to put somebody down? You are part of the problem with society today. Shame on you for shaming a woman

    • @soveryserendipity2 month ago

      @shimatajnesaie In your opinion, it’s her favorite she found it gorgeous and feels like a princess that’s what’s important not your opinion

    • @desireern032 month ago

      @soveryserendipity I’m not at all hateful! I’m not her fan. Never said I was. I’m quite grown up thank you. Your “ diagnosis” and subsequent comments about the surgery she had made you sound ignorant. You clearly have no clue regarding medicine. I however do, so it made zero sense. You didn’t answer what I asked you to clarify. Perhaps it is YOU who needs to grow up. I stand by my opinion. Sorry it’s not yours but that’s ok. We don’t have to agree.

    • @narjis7002 month ago

      @coach custom not very nice but on Selena everything is nice. She’s beautiful 😘  @selenagomez

    • @s.a.m._06052 month ago

      @shimatajnesaie 👍

    • @empglory2 month ago

      Ii don t have to lern what they say about me but Got seid dank all affirmatif und fuck what they sagt en

    • @shrimanistan2 month ago

      She deserves better.

    • @bah.mpn222 month ago

      @coach dear coach the dress was fabulous💗💝and my queen looks so gorgeous in it👑🌸

    • @j0rge.silva2 month ago


    • @jasmineh_152 month ago

      Is the necklace by you guys?  @coach

    • @zeynep.aykanat1 month ago

      You are so cuteeee

    • @eilvxl1 month ago

      my queen

    • @xvenusasaboyx1 month ago


    • @girlselenatorr1 month ago

      Queen of met gala’ night !!!

    • @lezahesoj1 month ago

      I love love love  @selenagomez dress here omg 😍😍😍

    • @gypsy_sphinxlike28 day ago

      My fav. Look of the night , elegant

    • @lizzitaonline11 day ago


    • @goodgirrrr_6 day ago

      Like a real queen

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    @georgeispurdy why are we like this..?

    25 day ago

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    4 day ago

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