We saw Avengers: Infinity War... Twice! 
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We saw Avengers: Infinity War... Twice! www.yehudadevir.com/shop www.patreon.com/yehudadevir  #judedevir  #mayadevir  #oneofthosedays  #couplegoals  #ilovemywife

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    11 day ago

     #FemaleFilmmakerFriday: Our incredibly talented  @lauraprepon getting ready to direct S6E11! #fbf

    14 hour ago

    Lakers fans, join us in wishing a Happy Birthhday to the incomparable  @magicjohnson

    2 day ago

    Nutmeg the best then take on the rest.  #HereToCreate @leomessi --- Shop  #NEMEZIZ at: www.adidas.com/NEMEZIZ

    17 day ago

    Gettin’ stronger - progress thru pain. 455lbs barbell glute/hip thrusts with 5 second hold at the top with hip circle above knees for greater glute activation. These small gains for me wind up being big gains in the long run considering the multiple injuries over the years I suffered on the football field and in the wrestling ring. Tore both my quadricep & adductor tendons off my pelvis. Five knee surgeries. Torn Achilles’ tendon. Triple hernia (emergency) surgery. Upper body I’ve been a pretty lucky SOB over the years having had just one total reconstruction surgery done on my shoulder when I shredded everything. Waist up, I’m Superman... Waist down, I’m Bionic Man ?*inserts cheesy joke. If you’re going thru injuries or set backs — stay focused, listen to your body and let pain be your guide to come back stronger and better. Remember any and all progress, physical or mental - will always come thru pain.  #ProgressThruPain  #IronParadise  #CauseIFuckingSaidSo ??? Brotha @c.t.ali.fletcher

    11 day ago

    'Cause I got issues, But you got 'em too. So give 'em all to me And I'll give mine to you. Bask in the glory Of all our problems 'Cause we got the kind of love It takes to solve 'em ???

    25 day ago

    Photo by  @taylorglenn // Tents at Karanga camp on Mt Kilimanjaro are illuminated by headlamps with the city lights of Arusha, Tanzania in the distance. This is one of the main layovers for climbers attempting Africa’s tallest peak. Follow  @taylorglenn for more from Africa and beyond  #tanzania  #kilimanjaro  #climbing  #sevensummits

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    Minty fresh. Available now.  #SportWhite  #Xbox  #Controller

    2 day ago

    ...NEVER GO NEAR A BIRD’S NEST ?? birds hate meeee??

    11 day ago

    Bitches be like “omg my hair is so long” ? link in my bio for the full Patreon gallery! This poster is exclusively available for customization and personalization on my Patreon!! Click that bio link!!!!!  #ThirstWhispering ??. . Phenomenal photography by  @blaisejoseph_

    3 day ago

    Tate’s birthday slip n slide.

    27 day ago

    The official stay-at-home uniform featuring our faves from  @calvinklein.  #UOonYou  #mycalvins

    5 day ago

    hello 33. ssw ?

    25 day ago

    Только действия человека говорят о его личности и его отношении к вам. Не верьте словам. Просто наблюдайте. И вы увидите истину. Бернард Шоу ?

    25 day ago

    와....이거나야???와....신기하네  #추억팔이

    20 day ago

    GRACIAS!!! A todos los que lo habéis hecho posible... A los que nos tendisteis una mano, de forma generosa... Por vosotros va nuestra victoria! Orgullosos de nuestra entrega y trabajo, y felices de saber que sentiais con ella...Gracias por bailar junto a nosotros!❤️ Por siempre agradecidos ...  #TeamBustamante Yana ???  #BailandoConLasEstrellas

    6 day ago

    I’m too sexy for my helmet ?