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    This tour is gonna be crazy. Tag a friend you bringing ?

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    Chain Of Ghouls ⛓ outtake by  @nicolaformichetti styled by  @shun_watanabe hair by  @katsuyakamo ?  #AgeOfAquaria

    21 day ago

    Sometimes when the world gives you a heavy heart, one of your bests  @alextcooks comes over with your favorite  @cactus_tacos, plops your puppy nephew  @mraxlrose in your lap, and hands you a cerveza. All to make you smile. I am the luckiest. Look at that furry face! That little perma-tongue-out face! And yeah yeah I know it’s  #NationalTequilaDay and that I’m an unofficial Reposado ambassador, but gimme till after sundown y’all ?  #Framily  #FriendsMakeMyWorldGoRound  #PuppyLove  #TequilaTia  #CervezaSisters And yes that’s a purple  @mybyta in the background. I walk the talk peeps ?♻️☕️

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    Друзья пока мы разбираемся с блокировками моих страничек с конкурсом, розыгрыш крутых призов продолжается не теряйте страничку. Вот она страница с розыгрышем @kurbanomarovprezent @kurbanomarovprezent Все честно,лично сам за все отвечаю?✊? Всех обнял✌?

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    Ищем приключения с  @marina_phedunkiv на то самое место..... не пропустите завтра в 15.00 (мск)!!! @fkirkorov vs.  @nikolaibaskov -  #Ибица. Видео:  @evgenyborodenko

    17 day ago

    “There will be Obstacles. There will be Doubters. There will be Mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits????” (Tag 3 to push for their dreams)  #raydiaz

    17 day ago

    Nice to see you again Mr. Sun ☀️

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    @natgeo shot by  @stevewinterphoto @Zakouma_National_Park in Chad,  @africanparksnetwork, is one of the most amazing ecosystems on the planet – I have been to so many places throughout my career  @natgeo – the amazing abundance of life found here is off the charts. Zakouma is just one of 15 parks managed by conservation NGO African Parks (@africanparksnetwork). If you want to see wild plains teeming with lions, leopards, herds of elephants, giraffe, and now rhinos (they just reintroduced black rhinos after a 50-year absence) and no tourists - go to Zakouma - check out the lodges there and in the other parks the manage in 8 other countries via their website. Tourism revenue goes back to the parks they manage and important community projects like education, healthcare and improved livelihoods. What is happening in Zakouma is one of the most hopeful stories in conservation. The park was once ravaged by poaching and insecurity. More than 4,000 elephants, which was 95% of the population, were slaughtered between 2002 to 2010 for the sale of their ivory – and poachers wreaked havoc on both the wildlife and people who lived there. By 2010, only 450 elephants remained. That same year,  @africanparksnetwork signed a long-term agreement with the government of Chad to fully manage Zakouma and change the trajectory of the park. They built a ranger team and implemented effective law enforcement measures and community networks, and today poaching has been practically eliminated. The elephant population is finally on the rise for the first time in a decade. Elephants have surpassed 550 individuals, and not one has been lost to poaching since January 2016. Last year  @africanparksnetwork counted 81 elephant calves under the age of three years old; in 2011 they counted one. Without the support of local communities this would not work. The park is the largest employer in the region; thousands of people are getting an education and healthcare, and decency and civility, along with life, have found their back to this once forgotten place. To learn more about Zakouma and other truly hopeful conservation efforts happening across Africa, please follow  @africanparksnetwork

    26 day ago

    What’s your favourite Fortnite skin? ?

    2 day ago

    Disaat mama bella ajarin papa aviv dance korea. Lumayan bisa begini anak lagi tidur.  #AhjussidanAhjumma  @andiarsyil ( Karena hari ini  #SemuaIndahKarenaCinta gak tayang, jadi kita kasih video ga berfaedah ini untuk kalian )

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    New episode of  @escapethenight comes out today on  @joeygraceffa’s channel! ????  #etn3  #teamjetsetter

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    Honey, I’m homeeee

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    It’s like they’re having fun on the dance floor By ftcreature | TW -  #bats  #9gag

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    Mandela Day is about taking action to change the world for the better. In these young people, I see Madiba's example of persistence and hope. They are poised to make this world more peaceful, more prosperous, and more just.

    26 day ago

    I remember going to the polls with my father every single election. It didn’t matter whether it was raining, snowing, or if he was tired — he always showed up to the polls to cast his ballot. He taught me to never take my right to vote for granted, because he knew that it's the most powerful tool we have to shape the future of our communities and our country. That’s why I make sure to vote in every election, from school board to Senate. And I’m excited to team up with  @WhenWeAllVote to encourage all eligible voters to make their voices heard in this election. And I hope you'll join us. Follow  @WhenWeAllVote and get registered right now at