🌈 ☁️ WOW!! @makeupbyriquelle  brings us a colorful, dreamy #eotd here! The artist used our White Liquid Liner 👍 || #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup

🌈 ☁️ WOW!!  @makeupbyriquelle brings us a colorful, dreamy  #eotd here! The artist used our White Liquid Liner 👍 ||  #nyxcosmetics  #nyxprofessionalmakeup

26 day ago

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  • @cdeeznutts24 day ago

    @makeupbyriquelle at least you're honest about it. most would've gotten hostile. keep up the good work gal!

  • @makeupbyriquelle24 day ago

    @cdeeznutts thank you! 😊❤️

  • @makeupbyriquelle24 day ago

    @itsjsal no problem love! 💞

  • @makeupwithdestiny24 day ago

    @makeupbyriquelle why are you only replying to the people who are talking about you overly editing your photos? I didn’t comment on your actual page, my comment was towards NYX. Some editing is fine, but this looks like someone drew it. It’s one dimensional, like there’s no depth or something lol. Your makeup is so much better in your videos, because it looks real and achievable. All I’m saying is brands shouldn’t repost fake photos. When you post it on your own page idc how edited it is. I just hate BRANDS posting unrealistic photos and trying to promote their products with it.

  • @makeupbyriquelle24 day ago

    @makeupwithdestiny I’m replying because these comments seem to insinuate that my makeup is fake. Yes I edit, but literally all I do is smooth my skin texture and stray brow hairs and brighten colors. All I’m doing is correcting people who think they know what they’re talking about 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • @boffeli24 day ago

    @nikivondal plz do

  • @nikiraeeexo24 day ago

    @boffeli totally will! I need to get more white liquid eyeliner doe

  • @boffeli24 day ago

    @nikivondal I think nyx has a decent one?

  • @nikiraeeexo24 day ago

    @boffeli yup. Prob one of the best I’ve tried. So pigmented.

  • @meagan.victoria24 day ago


  • @alicia_monson24 day ago

    @carleyonarheim I gotta try this 😫

  • @queenakassya23 day ago

    Beautiful job  @makeupbyriquelle ❤️💋

  • @everythingbrightandshinny23 day ago

    So colorful 😍

  • @bernalm2723 day ago


  • @lexis_gonzales23 day ago

    @bad_ink_x it reminded me of the look you did this day and I had do a double take lol I was like I seen this or something like this lol

  • @divinaana23 day ago

    @makeupandpink me fascinaría que tu recrearas ésto, tu puedes!

  • @kaiiiite23 day ago


  • @whovianmommabear22 day ago

    I NEED that white eye liner! ♡♡♡♡♡

  • @whovianmommabear22 day ago

    @makeupbyriquelle would concealer work too? Any suggestions for shaky hands?

  • @whovianmommabear22 day ago

    @blue_eyedvero_x3 Yo! I gotta try this on you!

  • @bad_ink_x22 day ago

    @lexis_gonzales hahaha yaaass girl thank you! I screenshot stuff like this that looks relatively easy to recreate and try my best to get it as close as I can. I’ve felt a weird urge to try more graphic makeup and stuff with easy lines and blends like this are a good place to start. And the colors, I mean come on. 😍🤤 they’re so me.

  • @callmedani.k22 day ago

    @naythemua this Sunday’s recreation ? 😁

  • @naythemua22 day ago

    @callmedani.k I think this Would be great thank you xoxo

  • @stephaniealdrichmua22 day ago

    Beautiful ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  • @maria_bv322 day ago

    Mira esto  @candylaia 😱👌😂

  • @beautynegash21 day ago

    That’s incredible ❤️❤️

  • @memorablegiftideas21 day ago

    That's a new one on me :

  • @makeupbyleannexo21 day ago

    No way. This is I N S A N E🔥

  • @gloutique.fashion21 day ago


  • @lexi_trosclairbeauty21 day ago


  • @marandabaxx21 day ago

    @lexi_trosclairbeauty omg this is amazing.

  • @__senvpe__19 day ago


  • @iam_my_prideandjoy19 day ago


  • @levels_2_this_brazilian17 day ago

    Wow 😍😍😍😍

  • @dxwson.153916 day ago

    How is this even possible

  • @julianaalferespatronelli15 day ago


  • @julielopez9214 day ago


  • @_jesuscristina9 day ago


  • @asratul_tasha4 day ago


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? Hair |  @kendrasboutique ?

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Photography by  @chenman Hair by  @eduardobravohair  #HudaBeautyRoseGoldReMastered May 22

10 day ago

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5 day ago

Good bye NYC... until next time ?

7 day ago

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1 month ago

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16 day ago

Muchas me han preguntado sobre como uso el  #dryshampoo Y es que forma parte sagrada de mi rutina para el cabello. Saben que hago mucho ejercicio y sudo el pelo a diario pues solo lavo un día sí y dos días no y en esos dos días “no” mi salvación es el champú en seco. Lo aplico en las raíces entre el cabello y luego masajeo bien, absorbe el sucio, grasa y al mismo tiempo le da volumen a mi cabello, le refresca el olor por completo. Si nunca lo has probado te los recomiendo, es un salvavidas total. Cuál uso?  @batisteca!! ??????  #batiste #ad