Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski makes snacks, but he's also looking like one. 🔥(📷: Instagram)

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski makes snacks, but he's also looking like one. 🔥(📷: Instagram)

1 month ago

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1 month ago

18 day ago

“Hoş geldin Nefes Kaleli!” Haftanın ilk fotoğrafı geldi! .  #SenAnlatKaradeniz Çarşamba #atv ‘de ? @sinegrafofficial  @atvturkiye

1 month ago

❤️???  #forzamilan  #sansiro  #amazing  #hc10

1 month ago

Curly 1960-s? Photo by  @ploskov ? Make up in Greece, Athens  @antigoni_makeup_hair_greece ?

24 day ago

29 day ago

Тут, конечно, не особо видно)) но видели опрос в сторис? 8 лет думаю о ринопластике! Нос мой , украшение мое) НО, всегда есть своё НО! знаю, что многие сейчас скажут: НЕТ - это твоя индивидуальность!) может и так, но хочу понять, готовы ли к переменам? Естественно, я представляю себя с другим ??!)) Деньги есть, но надо ли...?)

1 month ago

Santai ?..ga sabar liburan bareng  @raphaelmoeis ni minggu depan ?  #raphaelmoeis  #3monthsold

21 day ago

॥ॐ तत्पुरुषाय- विद्महे महादेवाय धीमहि तन्नो- रुद्रः प्रचोदयात्- ॥

6 day ago

Emma ???

1 month ago

میدانم اگر قضاوت نادرستی در مورد کسی بکنم،دنیا تمام تلاشش را می کند تا مرا در شرایط او قرار دهد تا به من ثابت کند در تاریکی همه ی ما شبیه یکدیگریم. داستایوفسکی

7 day ago

Greyhound comes out on Friday on streaming services, web stores AND vinyl! We’re super excited for you to hear it. Hit the link in our bio to see if the 7 inch single is at a record store near you ?

10 day ago

1 или 2? Какой образ подходит больше  @timatiofficial ??

1 month ago

???  #дагестанскийшоубиз #архив

1 month ago

I can’t wait  #amen

10 day ago

thank you troops for being brave. & thank you little mama for being so dang cute. ?

1 month ago

. I have empathy, a lot of you grew up in a way or were in a situation where the net result of that upbringing either made you think that the world owes you something because you had it so rough or that things come easy and your entitled to things because everything was handed to you. - Once you are emotionally strong enough to understand both of those opposite situations leads to the same place and that accountability is the secret to happiness and not relying on anyone or expecting anything is the key ? then life starts to get really sunny ☀️ -  #nooneowesyoushit