🌑✨ perfect representation of our friendship lmao couldn’t keep a straight face for shit

4 month ago

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    4 day ago

    Young Griffey!! You already know what that bat toss mean. Yard!  @therealkengriffeyjr  #SwingMan  #chicksdigthelongball⚾️

    24 day ago

    Si tu novio te termina _______ . ? ?:  @arturoplataa

    9 day ago


    15 day ago

    Vettel = part ninja, part driver ??⚡️?? . #F1  #Formula1  #HungarianGP  #Budapest  #SebastianVettel  #LewisHamilton  #ScuderiaFerrari  #MercedesAMGF1  @scuderiaferrari  @lewishamilton

    8 day ago

    I want to quit my job and start a business making beautiful dinnerware. Link in bio to shop. ?  @zemerpeled /  @bernardaud

    20 day ago

    This is the best skateboard trick I ever landed, if had a local skatepark when I was growing up, I’d probably be able to skate more than a stupid coffee table. Kids today are lucky to have  @tonyhawk and the  @tonyhawkfoundation building skateparks all over the place— if you want help getting one where you live, hit them up!  #TellEmSteveOSentYa

    15 day ago

    Munich night #2 ! ?  @zakarywalters

    28 day ago

    Video by  @FransLanting and  @ChristineEckstrom Protein is a precious commodity for chimps in the Senegal forest where we followed them. One important source is termites, which are plentiful, but hard to get to. To catch these nutritious insects, chimps go fishing in termite mounds, using plant stems as a tool. They insert the stem and termites cling to it. Jane Goodall was the first person to document this tool use among chimps many years ago and it opened everyone’s eyes. Chimps learn this skill when they're young—and you can see in this video how 1-year-old Fanta is trying hard. She watches how adults do it and tries to mimic them. She is not very good at it yet, but practice will make perfect. Follow us  @FransLanting  @ChristineEckstrom for more stories about chimps and bonobos as we explore the nature of our connections with them. @Thephotosociety  @NatGeoCreative  #Chimps  #Bonobos  #Apes  #Learning  #Wonder

    11 day ago

    Getting ready to workout with this babe! ?? I’m so proud to be a part of the Good Squad. I love everything  @goodamerican is about! Women supporting and celebrating each other - exactly how it should be I believe! ??? . .

    6 day ago

    Farewell west palm. Farewell  @vanswarpedtour ?:  @briellereneephoto

    25 day ago

    ?  #sahar  #saharmusic  #love #❤️

    23 day ago

    Great day watching  @theopen ⛳️?️‍♂️  #theopen  #carnoustie

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    11 day ago

    thank you  @spotify

    22 day ago

    25 day ago

    Alguna vez han sentido mariposas en el estómago? Cuéntenme!! ???‍♀️?