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Of course that baby is me and that’s my very svelte mom holding me. So many years hence, nothing’s changed. She’s still kinda holding me coz there’s no two ways about it. I will always be her baby. And though I don’t say this as often as I should be, please know Maa that love you so so much - even in the moments when we are at loggerheads with each other... more so, on second thoughts! I don’t know how you put up with me because if I had a daughter like me I would’ve definitely disowned me a long time ago. ? JOKING! You did good maa!?Thank you for your patience, tolerance and resilience over the years, for your understanding and everything you do for me. Not forgetting my beautiful grandparents responsible for both of us that followed after! Though they aren’t around to read this note, they’re the ones that took care of me and brought me up when my parents went to work. Trust me when I say that a little girl has known and valued no better childhood! So, thank ma, aai, abba for being my guiding light as a mother, father and friend all through. I hold that hand firm even still, never letting go because you never lost sight of me. My guardian angels yesterday, today and always! ❤  #grounded  #happymothersday  #cherish  #reminisce  #childhoodmemories

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YOU +food ?

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مين بحب الأصفر مثلي يحط قلب اصفر ?‍♀️? من ٢٠١١ الى اليوم وانا اجد بكل تجربة إعلانية نكهة نجاح مختلفة خاصة عندما ارتبط بأسماء مميزة ...  #سبع_صنايع_والبخت_رائع ! shine#  #bright  #like  #diamond#  #shooting#  #comingsoon  # And now what?

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Netflix n chilll every night.. ?  @fashionnova #ad

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I’m sorry???

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@jesshilarious_official Yo!!!!! Effin hilarious!!!!!!!! If u didn’t have to saw that bitch off your head... you whack! You ain’t do enough!!!  #brilliantcomedienne

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Just as I was prepared to lock up the early 2000 Nicole & throw away the key,  @papermagazine asked me to re-create some of my looks for the most fun photo shoot I've done in a long time. I got to play with wigs, small dogs, and laughed for about 8 hours straight. So here she is, in all her glory... minus the Percocet. Love you! ??

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We’re back to work!!!  #TheFour returns on June 7th and we want the best of the best!!!! Tag someone who’s ready and submit all auditions to TheFourMusic.com!!!  @thefouronfox

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No funny caption for this one. Just here to bless your timeline with this. Can u all do me a favor and tag  @champagnepapi in this so he can see this pic of his city.

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It’s a science thing..... Jeep people wouldn’t understand ?  #1320video

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Я очень большой фанат Госпела. Совсем недавно ребята из  @moscowgospelteam, помогли воплотить идею с номером "миллион алых роз" на моем прошедшем шоу в ВТБ-Арене! Хочу попросить всех вас проголосовать за них на конкурсе  @moscowseasons (Московская весна Акапелла).  #acappellamoscow Удачи ребят!✌?