the dad left his son 😂🦁👳🏻‍♂️  #jalals

1 month ago

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21 day ago

You sneaky mom ???

3 day ago

Team EDC ❤️

23 day ago

Daddy and Daughter  #Dance For The Big 1!  @DangeRussWilson. Twins ?

6 day ago

Photo by  @KristaRossow // I’m currently exploring  #Morocco on a  @NatGeoExpeditions photo expedition. We started in Casablanca which is home to the Hassan II Mosque, which boasts the tallest minaret in the world. Follow  @kristarossow for more from this amazing country.

4 day ago

عز الله انه كفو ??

1 month ago

Soğuk > sıcak , lütfen havalar ısınmasın teşekkürler ?☀️

1 month ago

I remember being caught in your eyes, and deciding I would never leave. I remember watching you dance the Bachata, and thinking I want to be the man you dance with. I remember sitting next to you at the “Selma” premiere, I was so nervous and I wanted to impress you. I remember when you looked me in the eyes and told me what I’d waited my whole life to hear, “I’m ready”. God remains the tether that binds us together. Two years feels like two seconds for me with you. I’m caught in your love, and I’ll never, ever leave. Happy Anniversary My Blessed Queen. I love you now and forever!  @ladygracebyers

10 day ago

Kylie Jenner's "hot bodyguard" Tim Chung is shutting down rumors that he's Stormi's father saying "I would like to set the record straight that my interactions with Kylie and her family have been limited in strictly a professional capacity only." For his entire statement, visit the link in bio. (?: Jacson / Splash News)

1 month ago

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1 month ago

Wati dan Milea?

5 day ago

Sua alegria hoje fez a minha tbm ! Merecedora de todas as medalhas ! ??♥️ que momento ein, pqp !!! É ouro pohaaaaaaa  @leticiabufoni

1 month ago

Solid performance from the boys tonight! #afc ⚽️⚽️

4 day ago

Tweaker ass lighters ?

11 day ago

The waist was stubborn, but I was stubborn-er !! .. ; ) if you are wondering where to start from.. it is from TODAY .. believe me 3 months down the line you will be proud of yourself !! Current state : Shredded & Happy !!  #thakuranoopsingh #tas  #indian  #muscleblaze  #onelife  #indian  #wbpf  #mrworld2015  #stillgotit  #ifbb  #ibbff  #rogue  #naaperusuryanaailluindia #si3

12 day ago

 #Cannes ?✨

1 month ago

? 토요일 오후 7시 40분! _ ?#tvN #놀라운토요일 녹화 현장에서  #SHINee #Key 가 소개해 드리는 <키' 즈카페> 함께 보시죠!☺?