Annem temsili 😂😂 vine sahibi:  @yalcnhiphop

4 month ago

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    6 day ago

    “Mulher não pode isso, mulher não pode aquilo...” OIIII, COMO É QUE É??? ?

    19 day ago

    Explored/Snuck into an abandoned power plant in New Orleans today. ...in heels. As my career coach  @megmabbott would say “women can do all the hard and important things in life, but if they have to become men to do it, why have women at all??”  #UnapologeticallyFeminine. . ?:  @robertsandberg

    1 day ago

    i don’t camouflage, i adapt..  @draislv [shot by  @photoradizy]  #DRAIs  #Vegas

    22 day ago

    If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree! ?  @zubairrahmani09

    27 day ago

    13 day ago

    I was looking at my page today and I realised that every picture I've posted of myself for months has been smiling. When in reality, that couldn't be much further from how I've been feeling lately. · I never want to be a reason why someone feels like they're getting life 'wrong' because they're not smiling at the sun in a bikini. Or because they're struggling with their mental health and it seems like nobody else is. We are. I am. · But I guess there's still a part of me that's afraid to show what that really looks like. Maybe because smiling bikini photos get a lot of engagement and this probably won't get much. Or because I'm worried people will paint this post as seeking attention when all I really want is to be honest. Or because when I'm in this place I don't feel like I have anything to offer, and I don't want to let you all down. · This has been me most of the time for about a month - tired, anxious, sad, self doubting and scared and worried I'll never feel different. Sleeping a lot, wearing pyjamas for days, no smiling at the sun, just where I'm at. And if that makes any of you feel less alone in where you're at, then it's worth my fear of posting it. Thank you all for being here, even when it isn't sunshine and smiles. ????? · [Image description: Megan is looking directly into the camera with a blank expression and no smile. Her hair is pulled back and she's wearing pink floral pyjamas.]

    2 day ago

    Reigning like a queen with Hot crispy Malpuas on a rainy Sunday at home. Trying to beat the Queen bee #mom  @sunandashetty10 at  #Chess ?  #Sundaybelike  #perfectasthis  #sliceoflife  #rightmove  #instagood  #dessert  #sweetooth  #sundaybinge

    26 day ago

    I came across this picture a friend took of me while I was busy reading at 3am some months back . It got me teary in a good way and I remembered a quote my mum used to say to me when I complained of work load and deadlines “ THIS TOO SHALL PASS” ( bless her soul) . I was in a state of anxiety when this picture was taken . I had 39 case studies of at least 25 pages to read in a month , personal case studies research , books ,presentation in few weeks ,other Harvard group work ,writing my book and was filming African diva show at the same time . I was having barely 4hrs of sleep everyday because I had to meet deadlines . I had so much to do with little or no time ,there were times I doubted myself and almost gave up but I’m glad I didn’t. Now looking back ,having my certificate hanging on my wall ,my book published and putting final touches to the African diva show makes it all worth it . It’s not supposed to be easy but it will be worth it . I just knew the only way out was to BOSS UP! No matter what you’re going through, the hurt and pain ,the deadlines ,the grief ,the disappointments,the heartbreak, the depression or lack of money . THIS TOO SHALL PASS! There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.#tbt  #bossup  #nevergiveup  #thistooshallpass

    23 hour ago

    In  #Sardinia, beauty is around every corner.  #MaseratiLevante

    16 day ago

    Tag a dog lover ?? - Credit: @hi.wiley

    14 day ago

    You’ve guac to be kidding!  #nationalavocadoday  #costumes Yes, we know guac is extra…. cute! Get your favorites before they’re gone!  #lovecarters  #halloween

    14 day ago

    Nikhil Bhaiya : Tell me a good exercise for the back?? Me : Chin-uppa . *Awkward Silence* followed by *Silent Laughter*. Best times ever. #raa  #raftaar  @nikhilchinapa  @akprojekts  @mtvroadies  #positive  #blessed  #peace

    10 day ago

    Очень сильно отдыхаем в компании любимых друзей!?Сегодня были на трёх водопадах, немного экстремально но очень красиво!

    26 day ago

    Rate today’s episode out of 10!?

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    ?  @williamhmacy ?

    18 day ago

    The guilt slide. ? - ?:  @jolenethedollydoodle - Follow us:  @animalsvideos for more. -  #animalsvideos  #instadog  #puppylove  #woof  #dogsofinstagram #lol  #funnydog