LOVE IT LIVE IT! Painting the world blue with  @Pepsi  #LoveitLiveit #M12

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Mini Doc’s, made for little rebels.  #minidocs

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Comment “I love you” in your language ♥️

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On  #InternationalWomensDay, I’d like to dedicate this post to all of the beyond inspiring women who touch my life everyday ?I know what it’s like to be judged on how you look, to be spoken to a certain way because of your gender, to be mistreated, and the list goes on. I would never wish that upon anyone, which is why I believe in treating others the way that we want to be treated and to live every day striving to be the best we can be. I hope to be a part of the movement to reverse all the hate and the stereotypes and to promote positivity, inclusivity and love to all. So today, challenge the stereotype. Be bold. Be brave. Be fierce. You are all amazing.

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#WCW | ?:  @samidrasin

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Precisa ver esses critérios aí...

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Minor set back for a major comeback  #StayTuned  #jimmybutler  #playoffs

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*@agentsofshield SPOILER* ok—it’s officially aired everywhere, and marvel posted this video on their twitter, so...i think i’m safe to post it? how did we all like tonight’s shield?! it’s my first one so i’m all geeky & excited ⚔️?⚔️ she bad

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Біздің АйТөренің перзент-xанадан шығару сәтінен шағын видео?Осы орайда  @miniworld_kz парақшасына ризашылығымды білдіргім келіп отыр!!!Ұлымның үстіндегі киімін, тіпті шомылуға киетін xалатына дейін түгендеп берді!Өте сапалы киімдер? Ия,біздің есіміміз АйТөре!☝?? Сіздің жазғандарыңыздың ішінен таңдалып алынған есім!Пікірлеріңізге Рақмет!!!! Кеше екі апасы мен атасы осы атқа тоқтады?

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Neste momento estou no avião de volta pra minha outra casa - o Brasil. Deixo a Leni dançando como última imagem dessa viagem incrível que fizemos aqui para gravar  #MisterBrauEmAngola. Vejo nela um oceano de potência e possibilidades. Quem fez o vídeo foi o  @cabeca_rafa, depois dela pedir para ser filmada. Obrigado a todo o povo de Angola por essa acolhida. Como dizemos no Brasil: Tamo junto.

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I have a feeling they are going to do amazing things together. Love them.

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Portrait of a girl ??‍♀️

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i’m always tired but never of you ?

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Hahaha ??‍♂️