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9 month ago

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    26 day ago

    My dark side ?  @gooseberryintimates  #meandmygooseberry ps. We are all the same.

    29 day ago

    Не пейте фреши на голодный желудок, друзья ????‍♀️?

    8 day ago

    Not a rainy day type of person ?⛈ ? I miss summer ☀️

    29 day ago

    This is why we get up early. The temps are dropping & it’s getting harder & harder to motivate getting up early to ride... but every time I do it’s worth it.

    12 day ago

    #tbt ??

    28 day ago

    She may have learned to say her Rs, but she’s still totally adorable.  @Brielle

    8 day ago

    Праздник к нам приходит???

    22 day ago

    Thankful for you and our family. You have have been my rock. Thankful for your faith in God that inspires me to keep my faith. Thank you for calming my nerves in the middle of the night. Thank you for loving me through it all. I love you.  #happythanksgiving

    8 day ago

    VADO #NBS __  #nbsthealbum? Link In Bio ? ?  @daniel.vintage

    20 day ago

    ??Buscando a mi Cenicienta... me dijeron que la vieron corriendo al baño, que se estaba haciendo Calabaza o algo asi... ? . ??Looking for Cinderella.... I heard she was talking about Cars being pumpkins and magic dresses... should’ve known she was Tripping on Acid ?

    14 day ago

    Captain Bolt  #TheDominator

    17 day ago

    You know what’s the real tea? Finding real bitches to hang with ☕️??  #christmas  #squad

    4 day ago

    I bet mom feels pretty dumb rn

    10 day ago

     #Repost  @ap_politics ・・・ President Donald Trump shakes hands with former President George W. Bush outside of Blair House, across the street from the Whit House. Trump came to pay respects upon the death of Bush’s father, former President George H.W. Bush.  #APphoto by  @andyharnik  #politics  #Trump  #Bush  #GeorgeHWBush  #BlairHouse

    17 day ago

    I remember when  @aerie used a pic kinda like this [I was sat down twisting but more importantly happy and feeling confident] in a campaign shot about 4/5years ago and the response shocked me. I’m not posing or breathing in, my skin is soft and squishy, this is what my stomach naturally looks like when I’m moving, twisting... living.  #aerieReal means me and my fellow models are never retouched, and the comments said that because my stomach didn’t look like what had traditionally been shown in lingerie or swim ads It was “disgusting, diseased, and like a fat ?” As shocked as I was that people were shaming my natural non photoshopped bod it excited me because clearly these images needed to be seen and shared. I will continue to do me, and be grateful that I have this body that God made for me. I urge you to see yourself for more than others opinions, images you see or ideals that aren’t even real. You and your body deserve your love❤️

    23 day ago

    Столько комментариев под вчерашним постом??? Спасибо каждой из вас за личные истории, поддержку, понимание!?❤️ . Давайте сейчас каждая напишет какой у кого опыт кормлений 1) ГВ ?? 2) ИВ ??‍♀️?? 3) Смешанное ???? . Люблю каждую!Спасибо еще раз!???