A girl has her secrets...

6 month ago

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    • @jacquelinevs196 month ago

      @esimon24 can you imagine if we never got to experience Erika Jayne

    • @lesleyluvsflorida6 month ago

      Hey Erika please do your own makeup line or can you do a makeup tutorial pretty please 🙏🏻

    • @sparklemeetsclassic6 month ago

      You are my favorite and looked you always look amazing and so glam!! I love Erika Jane. There should be more people bringing the it's out so happy you are able to.

    • @dont_click_this_._6 month ago

      Don't look at my profile

    • @jillc4206 month ago

      So Erika Jane lived on 41st & 2nd or much more commonly known as the DEUCE! Now that's a liberating & scary welcome to New York!

    • @kristeeodell6 month ago


    • @amberbyard176 month ago

      What extensions do you wear !? Im dyyyying for them!

    • @jonscottfashion6 month ago

      Erika, This Post has been spinning around in my head and has inspired me to just keep pushing towards my dreams! I am trying to get out this funk and honestly last week I had decided to just give up! I didn’t want to do it just to be told no! I’ve lost all motivation because I felt it going nowhere.. but your style and everything you’ve done for yourself inspires me and to see this post that you quit, when it looks like you’ve been doing so well just hit me! I’ve cried these past two days and have stood back up and decided to keep going. I am ready to keep fighting.. I thank you for your constant inspiration and I just love what you stand for!! I hope to one day meet you and I can’t wait for your book! Thank you Erika! ❤️

    • @auge_cici6 month ago


    • @stella.doingthings6 month ago

      @auge_cici thank god she did not quit. I live for erika jayne now

    • @suziecarlysle6 month ago

      🙏for sticking with it! 💭 ???😯! VERY INSPIRING! An 😇knew RHOB 😉! 🖤😎🤩

    • @summerstoohot6 month ago

      Never give up!!

    • @norge_r6 month ago

      I'm happy you changed your mind.

    • @aphroditesociety6 month ago

      What ! Why!? 😱

    • @davina_markham6 month ago

      You're everyone's inner spirit! Never quit again, love!!!

    • @ms.b.b.b6 month ago

      Dog in heat

    • @kris10tsubota6 month ago

      @catsygal this would’ve been so sad 😱

    • @victoria_maree_photography6 month ago

      A girl should have secrets 🤫

    • @hollyharvey_86mua6 month ago

      The pig tails, are giving me life!!  @theprettymess do you remember that song I believe it came out in the late 80s early 90s.."So Alive" by Love and Rockets, that would be a fucking great remix for you "don't know what color your eyes are baby but your hair is long and brown, your legs are strong and they're oh so long and you don't come from this town"...I totally would do an exotic dance to this song!

    • @lmitche876 month ago


    • @akosineski6 month ago


    • @lotus_justice6 month ago

      Persistence conquers everything.. what we think about we become 💯😍👑

    • @freespiritmcgee6 month ago

      @theprettymess glad you kept going👌🏻🙏🏻💪🏻👑

    • @aorange6 month ago

      Ooooooooo. Devine intervention. Inspiring

    • @debbimendoza6 month ago

      You look f****** Olden stupid in pigtails and dumbass drug addict

    • @debbimendoza6 month ago

      Please come after me

    • @debbimendoza6 month ago

      I partied with you and your little boys

    • @debbimendoza6 month ago

      Wow I'm from the Bronx

    • @debbimendoza6 month ago

      Christina Aguilera finally realize who you are

    • @debbimendoza6 month ago

      F****** miss f****** mess not pretty but f****** mess

    • @debbimendoza6 month ago

      Instead of being with your gay Posse why don't you just hang out with your husband... you and the suitcase didn't bring you here it was your husband low life

    • @dee_t0076 month ago

      @theprettymess you  #bully not a pretty mess a bulldog mess.

    • @stella_r_g6 month ago


    • @lake74346 month ago

      Happy you are on housewives

    • @cpuckett02726 month ago

      @theprettymess noooooooooooo wwwaaayyyyyyyy 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

    • @brynfj6 month ago

      You’re literally my favorite woman on the Real Housewives. You’re a breath of fresh air. ❤️

    • @hihowareyoouu5 month ago

      Youre amazing and we stan you

    • @nadamustafa315 month ago

      @debbimendoza Debbie is a salty bitch

    • @blatinothuglife5 month ago

      Yasss mother glad u didn't!!! How many fucks!!😍😍😍love u

    • @staecye5 month ago


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