Your cake cutting woes are about to be a thing of the past 🙌🙌🙌 Thanks,  @katherine_sabbath!

4 month ago

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  • @neamatjammal3 month ago


  • @yayanazira3 month ago

    Tgk ni@zuriyantyyanty Boleh potong mcm ni lpas ni..

  • @ivykkim3 month ago

    @yvonne_kavon see this

  • @monael_diamante3 month ago

    @natiis_1005 la façon dont nous on coupe un gâteau rien a voir mdrrr

  • @dandre_carter3 month ago

    Cool technique!

  • @cmrsea3 month ago


  • @shenny103 month ago

    @fareezag lol i know!!!

  • @ali_rhea_3 month ago


  • @rollinginthedoughfresno3 month ago

    Very handy! And that cake looks amaaazing >w< Could you make a tutorial for it?

  • @laurengenzel3 month ago

    This is so annoying. Must be taste testing or something.

  • @yvonne_kavon3 month ago

    @ivykkim Ama we do something like this for Leon

  • @ivykkim3 month ago

    @yvonne_kavon was thinking so

  • @rosiethor3 month ago

    @thorsavin hahhHAha familiar?

  • @baked2atea3 month ago

    @analowther olha as fatias

  • @analowther3 month ago

    @baked2atea nossa... econômicos 😱

  • @becbenton3 month ago

    @saycheese901 this is what I was talking about!!!

  • @megrosedeangelo3 month ago


  • @jorjesam3 month ago

    @crystalstar_20 omg that is perfect!!!!

  • @shafad_syed3 month ago


  • @crystalstar_203 month ago

    @jorjesam I know right? How did we not think of this before?? 🤔

  • @lindseybrzozoski3 month ago

    @andreabrzozoski that’s so smart. But...that’s a tiny piece lol I’ll take 4 haha

  • @jsphburk3 month ago

    Gonna need a bigger plate

  • @instinctjewelry3 month ago


  • @candy_coated_dreams3 month ago


  • @di.anagrace3 month ago

    @darweeens your woes

  • @iheartjullyyy3 month ago


  • @missestheroh3 month ago

    @jessee_kiim every kids nightmare to receive a slice this small....

  • @cblug3 month ago

    @alimae927 this is how I would recommend cutting the tiers on the cakes. Especially with 3 layers. It goes a lot further.

  • @alimae9273 month ago

    @cblug thank you! This is great!

  • @erica_0283 month ago

    @kirabethx 😂😂 genius!

  • @michelleannvalle3 month ago

    @eacakes64 this is what I was talking about

  • @thegymbag.official3 month ago

    Want to eat it;)

  • @glamour_gourmet2 month ago

    I'm not sitting through a whole kiddie party for a bite of cake, by the end I deserve a slice lol

  • @gijanexoxo2 month ago

    Thank you

  • @keylowha2 month ago

    That’s good if you have a small cake and lots of people, but I like to give my guest a big slice of cake.

  • @essie062 month ago

    @pacmanswifey what is it.??..🤣🤣

  • @pacmanswifey2 month ago

    @essie06 how to cut the cake next time we can try this

  • @sheena0722 month ago

    @camplove20 😳. We’ve been doing it wrong lol

  • @machadinha861 month ago

    @jrmargarido for next year lol

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