I SWITCHED MY MIND 😂🎩 ( muchas gracias to  @grandoasiscancun  @cancun for the BEST time)

Grand Oasis Cancun9 month ago

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    3 day ago

    hari ini seru banget ricis bisa lebih dekat sama om pekerja renovasi rumah ricis. vlognya tayang bsk yaaqq. ?????? saya paling cantiqq lhooowww? . ?  @valdiakbarr

    29 day ago

    Aquí con mis nuevas  #Copa19 !!!  @adidas_es ??  #creadoconadidas

    7 day ago

    ? ???✨?? (Poner emojis cuando no hay palabras) Fotografo personal  @andresgill

    8 day ago

    7 day ago

    the very tired girl ??‍♀️? PS. новое и очень полезное видео вас уже ждет на канале, вы же помните? ?

    9 day ago

    “Tanta voglia di crescere per poi accorgersi che rimanere bambini è la cosa più bella che ci sia” ♥️  #disneylandparis Quanti anni avete voi?

    17 day ago

    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Romans 8:28 Sometimes God is adding to your life, and other times He's removing. The adding might feel more gratifying, but the subtraction is just as important to the equation of faith. Oftentimes, it is what God removes that makes room for the greater things to come.

    5 day ago

    Engine start. Heart Stop.  #AudiRS3

    5 day ago

    Launch of CLUBSHEA.com in 5 days?12/15  #SheaSquad

    29 day ago

    Sudahkah kamu setia? :D Credits:  @kedaicintakamu via  @rahasiagadis

    24 day ago


    2 day ago

    This is a Madame Satan approved way to show up to work  #TheSlidesArePrada

    21 day ago

    My world revolves around my goddaughter  @samiaslife ❤️?

    9 day ago

    Mary queen of scots ?? Go see this movie. Soooo good! Saiorse and Margot and insane in this movie! Specially Margot! Wow incredible performances ❤️

    8 day ago

    Мой сумасшедший декабрь ??‍♀️? Съемки, репетиции, концерты...при этом ещё стараюсь хорошо выглядеть??? Сегодня у меня был такой образ на шоу ? Девочки, вот такой вопрос: Рисунки животных принтов на одежде?! ? - Да / Нет ?. Хочу услышать Ваше мнение. Я считаю, что можно позволить в одежде практически всё : главное правильно носить вещи, и гармонично сочетать их с другими элементами одежды. ?

    12 day ago

    Both an honor and a pleasure to play a part in a tribute to my mentor-idol of all time, my dearest uncle  @harveymalaihollo along with other inspiring musicians. I hope i did you justice and can’t congratulate you enough for making such legacy ❤️ ?  @tinaamorpaat  @jongenss  @trikristia and mommy