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3 day ago

t h e m a g i c n u m b e r • Happy 3rd, boys!!!

9 day ago

I woke up at 5:20 am to Miko telling me that she was gonna make me breakfast tacos for my Birthday. She even went out of her way to buy (vegetable oil free) vegan cheese, and cassava flour tortillas, and threw in some sautéed spinach, cause she knows I always have veggies for breakfast. After breakfast, the boys came into the garage while I was working out to give me warm Birthday hugs (hugs are rare from Simon). Then there was the equally rare sound of rain on our roof while I got to listen to the boys sing me HBD followed with my fav: German chocolate cake! Thank you  @miko.vaughn, Ollie and Simon for a wonderful morning! I love our family.

11 day ago

-b e g i n i n g s t a g e s- If you ever need a #OC or #LA based general contractor, please contact Mr.  @sjordan_bling247, he’s awesome!  #kitchenremodel  #excitingtimes  @miko.vaughn

26 day ago

26 day ago

Most likely you don’t have any  #greenbananaflour in yer pantry, but I highly recommend ya get some to try this recipe. It’s a waffle made w/o any grains, eggs, sugar or dairy curtesy of  @jasonsani that tasted like I was eating some sort of processed sugar-laden pastry. I added my own touch to it by adding blueberries and (1 TBS)  @lakantosweetener sugar to the waffles. I then diced up a Granny Smith apple and sautéed it in coconut oil/cinnamon and added (~2 tsp)  @lakantosweetener maple syrup and (1 TBS) coconut butter (coconut butter turns it into more of a glaze). Then pour this over the top. Btw, the green banana flour is a resistant starch, so it’ll actually help you burn fat! •1 cup dairy free milk •1/4 cup green banana flour • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I used a fermented pea protein) • 2 tablespoons ground flax seeds (egg replacer-better if you let them soak in a little water for a few minutes to help them become more of a binder) • 2 tablespoons chia • 1/2 teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

29 day ago

#TBT the day we got our marriage license. Mom would of been happy that it fell on her bday  #lovethisgirl  @miko.vaughn

1 month ago

👓 o l i v e r 👓

1 month ago

Simon and Oliver are really beginning to develop a brotherly bond. As of last week, we have really been noticing them playing ‘together’ for longer periods of time. They are also looking after one another more, which is attribute Oliver kind of always had, but we are now seeing Simon being affectionate with Oliver and he seems to understand that sometimes his actions upset him, and he will acknowledge this by hugging and or kissing him. Last week was also the first time they both climbed out of their cribs after I had put them down for the night. I heard ‘something’, and when I opened the hallway door there they were! After putting them back to bed I hid in their room and sure enough after they thought I left, I heard ‘Okay, he’s gone.’ I then got to witness their technique: since Oliver has the rocking chair next to his crib he can climb out with ease. Once out Oliver stands next to Simon’s crib and says ‘Simon, grab my hand.’ And Simon uses Oliver’s hand for support to help lower him down to the floor! Then with Simon in the lead (of course) they slowly creeped towards the door. Feeling weary, Simon was slightly bent over with his finger tips in his mouth. While mimicking Simon’s posture, Oliver also had one hand on Simon’s shoulder and the other on his waist. I couldn’t believe what I was watching! It was one of the best moments I have ever had with them. It’s just so interesting to witness when these milestones actually happen. It definitely hasn’t been easy for me but moments like these make it all worthwhile.

2 month ago

🍁f a l l f e s t i v a l🍁  @miko.vaughn

2 month ago

I finally upgraded my turntable.  @cigsaftersex  @projectaudiosystems  #ortofonred

3 month ago

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