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8 hour ago

. One more time for the parents in the back! - To all the kids and parents struggling with grades in school, let me make you one promise, the world 🌍 is changing at a speed that our current school systems aren’t able to keep up with, instead of worrying if you kids get A’s start worrying if they are kind and generous and warm and hard working and most of all lack entitlement, that shit will matter much more to their happiness than a B in Science. - Let’s start mapping for life not systems that don’t mean shit! -  #parenting  #parentingadvice  #parentingmemes  #parentingtips  #garyvee - Tag a person who needs this wake up call - For all you out there playing outside the system, breaking the system, I fuck with you for real

12 hour ago

. This is a  #leverage game. - I am stunned at all the beggars who are choosers out there today. - My friends please get off your ego and ideologies and start being thoughtful. If you want something from someone what do you have for them, eliminate  #entitlement and start deploying  #value! - Tag someone smart! -  #entrepreneur  #entrepreneurlife  #entrepreneurship  #mindset  #perspective  #value  #garyvee

16 hour ago

. Like I told these awesome 6th graders in  #chattanooga TN. This is a  #Mindset War. If I’m bringing this kind of heat 🔥 to a middle school chat imagine what I am thinking about how you all should be thinking. - Please don’t confuse  #optimism with delusion. I’m keeping it real, very real, real optimistic, because the opportunity is insanity. - Go get yours! - Tag someone who needs to hear it. - This is for the people in the back! -  #perspective is everything. - I love you, now go love yourself -  #garyvee ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧤

1 day ago

. I’m taking on all comers, whether it was your mom your dad your brother your grandparents your culture your government - Regardless, I am focusing on bringing positivity and reality to so many of you and I will fight for the permission to pass on some of the  #perspective and  #mindset I was blessed with and parented by my amazing parents. Not everyone is as lucky as I was and so now I’m  #motivated to give back. - Here I am. - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  #garyvee

1 day ago

. People always ask me why am I  #happy or am I always really  #happy or how to be  #happy _ Here is my purest answer. A surprising characteristic leads to  #happiness - Tag someone who can agrees or can use it. -  #accountability  #garyvee  #perspective

1 day ago

. The world is a blank slate daily! - So many of you are so focused on the past you can’t see that today is new and fresh and fully available to you. - I wish everyone knew that on an everyday basis what happened  #yesterday can become totally irrelevant. - Whether you’re winning yesterday or losing, this Monday in late  #December is a brand new chapter. - Take advantage of the white space! - Whatya think of this post concept? -  #mindset  #perspective  #garyvee - ❤️ stop dwelling and looking back and start getting excited and take advantage of today and the future

2 day ago

. I’m super motivated heading into 2019. I will be spending an enormous amount of time figuring out how to create more content that has the ability to help people change their  #perspective and see how much  #oppertunity there really is in this internet age and the maturity of the mobile and digital age. - Many of you are taking things for ranted and don’t realize how big of a deal it is to be growing up in this “era” and man am I fired up to open some eyes. - Please read this post and realize if you are upset about tomorrow, we have to change shit, we have to. - Tag someone who gets this or needs this. - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️  #garyvee

2 day ago

. Apologize for the “Jersey mouth” but I want this for you so bad! - Stop dwelling and lean into  #accountability and watch your  #happiness explode. - Whatya think? Who’s made this change and what’s happened since? -  #mindset  #garyvee  #perspective  #entrepreneurlife

2 day ago

. Man a lot of you ask me “how to be less lazy” and it’s a simple game of “chasing the bag 💰” - Too many out here for the cash Not enough people out here for the  #happiness - Tag just 1 person who can benefit from this. -  #entrepreneur  #entrepreneurlife  #passion  #garyvee  #perspective  #selflove

3 day ago

 #perspective is an interesting concept. - I see a lot of Angst in the system and society these days and I want to encourage a lot of you to start some conversations with your grandparents if you’re lucky enough to have them. - Stop worrying about dumb shit and let’s get our  #happiness - ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧤  #garyvee

3 day ago

Some  #saturdaymorning knowledge. - As we close out the year a certain theme continues to dominate my mind and continues to be the thing that is clearest to me. - People are so quick to look good in front of people or to prove their parents or friends wrong that they chase fast money. Fast money is always a vulnerability and unfortunately I will have to spend my whole life just to make a dent into the mindset of the hours of our culture. I am up to the task. - Tag 4 friends who need to see this now, and all of you have 40 that need to see it, so it shouldn’t be hard -  #mindset  #perspective  #motivate  #theprocess  #journeylife  #garyvee

4 day ago

Best  #holidayparty ever! - Big thank you to  @skyroomnyc for hosting us and a bigger love to my wonderful team at  @vaynermedia - Proud and humble - Love u @ajv we miss u daily but  @vaynersports about to blow 😉

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