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3 day ago

BSR SURF RESORT, Lazy River & Royal Flush slide WATER TESTS COME BACK CLEAN Installation of State of-the-Art Filtration System Already Underway; BSR Determined to Go the Extra Mile, Set Highest Standards for Safety First and foremost, on behalf of the entire staff at BSR Surf Resort, our hearts and prayers are with Fab Stabile’s family, friends, and the New Jersey surf community. A precious life has been lost, and we are deeply saddened for his loved ones. For the past two weeks, increased awareness of this incredibly rare disease, Naegleria fowleri, has swept the globe. What will come of all this news coverage and commentary? At BSR Surf Park, we are determined it will help save lives. Although comprehensive test results have now confirmed that the water at BSR Surf Resort meets every standard for safety, today I am announcing that we are going the extra mile and hiring a North Carolina firm to install a state-of-the-art filtration system to make our water in the surf, on lazy river, and at the Royal Flush slide is as clear and clean as humanly possible. It will take us to February to complete the installation of this new filtration system working very closely with local, state and CDC officials. There are only a few of these man-made surf parks in the country today, but many more will be built. Our goal is to set the highest standard for these facilities. Going forward, BSR Surf Resort will have the cleanest water anywhere in the United States. I built this water destination resort so people of all ages could learn to surf and wakeboard — and then go home safely to their families. We take pride in our park and the safety of every guest. And to be clear, it’s not just the guests that use the park. It’s also my family, our friends, and our employees that essentially live in our water. My two year-old twins play on that beach, and — as kids do — they drink the water every time. So you better believe my cousin, who tests and treats the water every day, is damn sure no one gets sick.  #surfing  #bsrsurfresort  #texas  #surf  #wacotx

18 day ago

@kalanirobb getting barreled BSR Style! ・・・ Surfing an artificial wave filmed by a drone all captured in virtual reality & This is only the beginning👽  #gopro /  @robbiecrawford: Fusion /@oltjp:Karma / me:Hero7  @bsrcablepark

19 day ago

Sometimes you just need to relax and recharge. We recommend doing it pool side listening to the waves and watching some great surfing!!!  #bsrsurfresort  #bsrcablepark  #colddrinks🍹  #wacotexas  #relax

20 day ago

90 degrees today?!?! Texas weather is no joke even in September! Come cool off at BSR Surf Resort and VIP Swim-up Bar!!  #bsrsurfresort  #colddrinks🍹  #amazingview  #wacotexas

21 day ago

Get ready!! The Nautique Wakesurf Championships are going down this weekend!! Check the  @thewwa website for a full list of dates and times!

21 day ago

Thank you to everyone who came out yesterday! Thank you to  @stab for putting this amazing air show together and to  @monsterenergy for making it possible!! Who votes for Stab High part 2 next year?!?!  #bsrcablepark  #bsrsurfresort  #monsterenergy  #stab #yew

22 day ago

This group made history yesterday!  @ilovetables won the first ever aerial contest in a wave pool!! Bruce McFarland and Jennifer Krach owners of  @americanwavemachines , and Stuart Parsons of  @bsrsurfresort made a surfers dream a reality right here in the heart of Texas!! Congrats to everyone who came out and competed!!! Yew! Thank you  @stab and  @monsterenergy for making this event possible!! #yew  #stabhigh  #stab  #wacotexas

22 day ago

@ilovetables just won the world’s first wave pool aerial competition,  @Stab_high //  @monsterenergy

23 day ago

 #Repost  @stab ・・・ @stab_high isn't Mason Ho's first Waco rodeo, so with the world's best aerialists warming up in the Central Texas oasis,  @Stab handed him the brand new  #GoProHERO7 and let him loose for a very Mason tour of the BSR Cable Park. Hit the link in our bio for the full clip. Stab High, our first ever surf contest is happening at 12:30 local time in Waco, Texas. Come join us.  @gopro

23 day ago

 #Repost  @stab ・・・ @stab_high is 4 hour away, that equates to: EST 1:30pm, PST 10:30am, AEST 3:30am, AWST 1:30am. Head to our bio for the live broadcast link. Here's a moment from  @creedencecandyxx's warmup yesterday.  @billabong //  @monsterenergy  #surfing

23 day ago

The rain is gone and the competition is on!!! Get out to BSR for the greatest air show ever made!!!!  @stab_high top aerialist, live music, food, drinks, and fun!!!

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