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The royal (icing) queen... Cookies and more | Author of You Can't Judge a Cookie by Its Cutter | Collabs welcome, big projects including videos!
1 day ago

Finally finished this guy! It is 100% gingerbread, royal icing and candy, and eminently edible. I’ll post in stories about how my amazing assistant  @taste.couture and I made him. We miss having him around, but he’s happy at a special event  @tiffanyandco 🤖 sugar light bulb  @cakealchemy

2 day ago

I was so excited to make these umbrella cookies for Ina Garten’s special lunch in honor of the new movie Mary Poppins Returns! We went with pink and fanciful, down to the parrot head handle. I just watched the show and there were so many lol moments! It might be my favorite so far!  @inagarten  @marypoppinsreturns  @emilybluntofficial  @taste.couture

2 day ago

Today was unexpectedly dedicated to an emergency gingerbread repair job. 😬 I felt like a warrior!! Now I need savasana. Here’s a mini warrior 1 tutorial from a while back.

4 day ago

It’s Friday and freezing and a perfect weekend to stay home and decorate cookies. Keeping it simple, with fun gingerbread shapes and white icing! We went with letters and sweaters and stars!!!

5 day ago

I love a cool ❄️ looking logo and trying to match colors, so It was fun to work with  @isopurecompany on these holiday cookie versions of their protein drinks. I even used their whey protein in the cookies and I have to say, they were so delicious! 🍏🍎

7 day ago

Yay, it’s National Cookie Day! I have so much gratitude for all the recent cookie love! Thank you, thank you ♥️ I first made these yogi cookies in 2008, and then the cutters in 2010! For a link to me decorating them (7 years ago!) go to bio. Namaste 🙌

8 day ago

Wreaths and Robots were the theme here this week. Robot to follow 🤖  @tiffanyandco

9 day ago

Sticking with the gingerbread and yoga theme, here’s a throwback to my 3 foot tall Warrior with my little friend Flora. I want to make a new pose this season if I have the time. Any suggestion?

12 day ago

I’ve been making these yoga pose cookies since around 2005! I have to say, I still love them and they still make me smile. I designed the cutters which are handmade for me by a tin smith in the USA. They are available on my website, (so many of you have been asking) ... as supplies allow. Namaste.

13 day ago

Combining a few of my favorite things. Tools, gingerbread, royal icing. ☺️ I hand cut them 2 ways. A few I cut before baking, and some I cut after baking, from a slab. Can you see the difference?

15 day ago

The Thanksgiving chopping and slicing is done. Back to cookie decorating and a long week. 🔪

16 day ago

Sunday night, at the end of the long Thanksgiving weekend. It also happens to be blasé Sunday!?

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