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8 day ago

how much time did i spend crafting this? a) 5 minutes b) an hour c) 8 hours d) 15 hours the answer is 15 hours this took way too long and my fingers need rehabilitation e) all of the above

12 day ago

happy birthday to my oldest buddy of all time  @ianhecox. we’ve shared so many good times like this time i was 17 and tried getting a super sexy shirtless shot of my rock hard abs and emo hair for my myspace and he photobombed it. ps yes i had to crop this for legal purposes.

14 day ago

should i get a haircut? choose wisely — a) no, i love your beautiful horse mane b) yes, you currently look like you belong on saved by the bell c) just straighten it again Rawr xD d) i can see your gray hair you can’t hide from us old man e) plz don’t post pictures like this again i just failed no nut november f) all of the above

19 day ago

blocking anyone who doesn’t say i look fresh as hell.

22 day ago

following a james charles makeup tutorial ⭐️🌟✨

26 day ago

none taught me love, none taught me patience, they all taught me pain (💬  @rubyhannahh)

1 month ago

i am heartbroken by the news about smosh/defy media shutting down. i made a video exposing the shady things i witnessed about the company who owns smosh. i feel terrible for the 80+ employees at defy who have have suddenly lost their jobs and i’m devastated the brand i help build was treated this way. i have faith all my friends at smosh will be ok because they are incredibly talented but they deserve to be treated better than this. click all the tags on this photo to follow everyone there and show them love (remind me if i forgot anyone - my brain is broken right now). and click the link in my bio to hear all the things i can finally say about that company now that my friends are no longer a part of it. ❤️

1 month ago

you know i had to do it to ‘em. wbu?

1 month ago

i held a funeral for my dead youtube channel and a bunch of youtubers paid their respects. link in bio. press F to pay respects.

1 month ago

only people with over 200 I.Q. can guess our halloween costumes we wore to  @rosannapansino’s cookbook release party

1 month ago

so proud and honored to have won this streamy award for most kissable lips. i couldn’t have done it without you and i am eternally grateful.

1 month ago

i missed the streamys red carpet bc i didn’t realize hair and makeup takes longer than 10 minutes?? so i made  @mielmonster do all this work for a pic in my bathroom. also i stole her bolo tie. i am a good boyfriend.

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